30 Days Running 1 Mile/Day

30 Days Running 1 Mile/Day

I decided to join a running challenge called A Streak to Remember, you can learn about it and why I joined in my last blog post. 

In this post, I want to take you through each day of running and what my Enthusiastic Change Maker process is for running 1 mile (1.6 kms) every day for 30 days in a row. 

Hopefully, it will help prepare you for your own change making journey. 

Day 1 - Ran 1.3 miles (2.1 km)

My mind was super pumped up for today because I knew Day 1 was coming for a while and I was mentally prepared. I went excitedly into running and within the first few minutes an old injury was causing me a great deal of pain. I had to stop and massage out the pain. I wanted to get this run in so badly and did not want to feel like a quitter on the first day so I had to push through the pain. I eventually got to a comfortable place and could finish my run with ease.

I was happy to have made it through the first day, but left worried thinking my injury may be a problem going forward.

On another note, I somehow thought if I put my phone on airplane mode, it would still track my run. The Strava app appeared to be working the same, however after five minutes of running I quickly realized it was only tracking my time and not my distance. Side note; make sure your phone isn’t on airplane mode. Luckily, this was during my injury struggles so it all worked out in the end!

Day 2 – Ran 1.2 miles (1.9 kms)

I was still mentally checked in and had my Strava app figured out and a new route picked out in my mind. This was a great run day!

Day 3 – Ran 1.3 miles (2.1 kms)

Felt resistance in my mind today. This was the first day where my mind probably would have tried to convince myself that I already ran two days in a row so you don’t need a third. But OF COURSE once I did it, it was so worth it. My body was easily ready to go today and it felt super easy to run my route.

Day 4 – Ran 1.2 miles (1.9 kms)

This day was easy because I ran at November Project which I go to every Wednesday morning anyways. Plus fellow tribe members who are also doing this running challenge with me were there and it was fun to joke about the kms we were or were not getting.

Day 5 – Ran 1.3 miles (2.1 kms)

Ever have those days where you feel so tired that you already tell yourself you are excused from your workout that day. I was exhausted from having a horrible sleep the night before and my whole day was a struggle. I didn’t end up doing my run until 7:30 pm. I had procrastinated running all day, but the fact that I have already decided that I must run every day made it easier. If I hadn’t created this mindset for myself, it’s likely I would have made excuses up in my mind to not run.

The other wonderful piece holding me accountable is all the people I am running “with”. Surely everyone has a bad day here and there, yet day in and day out I see other people in this running competition getting their 1-mile in. The support is through a simple tag on Instagram, but it is enough to make me think we got this!

I went for my run and guess what? My body sort of sprang to life and loved the feeling of running. My Strava app has had some issues and did not track my miles (I took a video for proof lol), and I felt extreme fatigue set in as soon I settled in back at home, but in the moment of the run it was glorious. It made me realize that I may have more strength than I realize even when I am fighting fatigue. The mind is a powerful thing once it has decided.

Day 6 – Ran 1.6 miles (2.5 kms)

I procrastinated until I had to run! I had a busy day so I just picked the time it would work and made my run fit. Of course, after I ran, I felt great.

PS Strava app still giving me problems.

Day 7 – Ran 1.6 miles (2.5 kms)

I felt amazing! Today, I wanted to run and for the first time I truly noticed a huge improvement in my running ability. I didn't get tired where I normally do on my route and I still had energy to continue. I usually stop my run at the bottom of a hill and walk the remainder up to get back home. However, today I ran and walked up the hill. One day I will crush that full hill!

It has been one full week of running! I honestly cannot remember the last time I did physical movement for one straight week in a row. I am feeling proud and I am excited to see what 30 days will do!

Day 8 – Ran 1.4 miles (2.3 kms)

My man ran with me today. We went to a trail by a lake near our home. It was really great having someone else to run with. Made the motivation part super easy. Plus, it helped that we were going somewhere pretty.

Usually, my man always runs off ahead of me because he is notoriously faster than me. I am use to this happening. However, it started to become strange when I was still beside him for most of the run. I was too focused on running to say anything but when we talked about it after he noticed it too and was just as impressed with me as I was with myself (wooo!) Making running gains in 8 days!

Day 9 – Ran 1.6 miles (2.5 kms)

Okay, before this run I didn’t want to go. I had mentally prepared myself to just get the minimum distance in.

I ran my usual route. I stopped at my usual spot to turn off my Strava app, but then realized it was unusual how much energy I still had. Instead of walking back up the hill, I decided to run all the way up the hill and back home again! I am so pumped that I was able to do that! I had no idea I would get to this point so soon! To think, a mere 17 minutes before that I had made an Insta story saying how I wasn’t in the mood to run. My happy mood went into over drive after that run and I felt like I could do anything.

Day 10 – Ran 1.3 miles (2.1 kms)

Walked up the hill. Here is the thing I want to say. Just because I ran up the hill yesterday does not mean I have to today. We don’t have to constantly be improving ourselves. We are allowed to fall to our basics. If fact, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t fall down now and again. If I thought I had to improve everyday then I would discourage myself from running all together. I am so happy I still got outside and did my run! To me, the big accomplishment is I have run for 10 days in a row now!

Day 11 – Ran 2.4 miles (3.8 kms)

November Project workout and wow did they have us running. It felt like a lot when I did it, but that is the beauty of working out in a group, you want to keep going.

Day 12 – Ran 1.4 miles (2.3 kms)

Soooo my bum was extremely sore from yesterdays November Project workout. Each step I took in my run today hurt. Half way through the run my pain slightly eased up, but only slightly. I normally would never exercise if I was already sore, but I have it my mind that I must run everyday for 30 days. Surprisingly, the mental boost I got from this was intense. It made me realize even with pain, I am a lot stronger than I realize.

On a side note, my Strava app worked properly today, probably because of the slow pace I was going at lol.

Day 13 – Ran 1.3 miles (2.0 kms)

Friday the 13th! My bum was still sore today, but if I didn’t let it stop me yesterday, I sure wasn’t going to let it stop me today.

Day 14 – Ran 1.3 miles (2.0 kms)

I knew I had a full day planned, so it was easy to know if I didn’t get my run in early then I probably wouldn’t have run today. It was just part of the day and it felt great to incorporate my run.

My soreness finally subsided so I was feeling great about running. Plus mentally it was cool to know I had done some physical movement for two straight weeks. I can’t remember the last time I did that. Usually I skip a day here or there. Not this time baby!

Day 15 – Ran 1.6 miles (2.5 kms)

I did not want to run at all today. A little known fact I have learned about myself is I am super sluggish the day after I consume any alcohol. Last night, I consumed a bit more than my normal (I am not being sarcastic here, it wasn’t a big drinking night) Legit, I only had a few more glasses of wine than normal. Regardless, I was feeling sluggish all day and not wanting to run.

I procrastinated, but pleaded I couldn’t miss a day of running. My man knew I wanted to run, so he came with me and that was amazing! He helped push me for sure! If you have an accountability partner even just once in a while I highly recommend that.

My Strava app tells me I’ve run 17 km this week. If someone would have asked me to run 17 km this week I would have laughed and instantly said no. I would say I am not a runner and there was no way I could do that. However, 1.6 km a day, yah I could do that, even for not being a runner. I strived for small daily goals of only 1.6 km and in one week I somehow ran 17 km. I can’t even fathom it still, but feeling super proud of myself. I suppose I am a runner after all!

Day 16 – Ran 1.6 miles (2.5 kms)

Felt good! I got my run done in the morning and was happy to do it. You know how we have learned it takes three weeks for something to become a habit. Today was the first day where my run actually felt like a habit. There was no moaning or groaning or convincing myself to do it. It was already decided on ahead of time. I knew I wanted to shower and wash my hair, but there was no point running after a clean wash. It just made sense to wake up to run and then shower. I am excited to see what three weeks will feel like.

Day 17 – Ran 1.6 miles (2.5 kms)


I really wanted to run and felt great about the idea of fitting a run into my day. However, I spent that day running errands preparing for a celebration I am planning for the weekend. I was pretty exhausted after a long day and normally would excuse myself from exercise, but not this time. I made it out at night and I even made it up most of the hill! It felt great! 

Day 18 - Ran 1.0 miles (1.6 kms)

Today is Wednesday so it is November Project day. Today we worked out at different landmarks and ran to the different stations. It was fun as always!

Day 19 Ran 2.5 miles (4 kms)

Holy I am starting to love running!! Today I just wanted to keep running and running! It felt amazing! It was easy for me to run 4 km! That would have been unheard of a mere 19 days before. I made it up the hill then over to a new street, then up another hill and back home again. The feeling was incredible!

Day 20 Ran 1.4 miles (2.3 kms)

Today we have a bunch of our friends coming to town so I wanted to get the house cleaned and do lots of thing before they came over, but no matter what I was getting my run in. My man came with me this time and we got an afternoon run in the sunshine before our guests came over. It was fun, but we stuck to just the basic route because of having lots to do today. Plus I think I was a little sore from my run yesterday.

Day 21 Ran 2.1 miles (3.4 kms)

Friends are staying with us and I was able to convince two of them to come for a run with me. I absolutely loved having them out running with me. I noticed something really fascinating having them with me though. I was actually the runner with the most stamina. It makes sense because I have been running and they haven’t but I actually felt it and felt like I had lots of energy to give. It was a pretty neat feeling because I cannot remember the last time where I felt like this. Gets me even more excited to keep running! I definitely don’t want to stop after the 30 days.

Day 22 Ran 1.0 miles (1.6 kms)

This was the most awkward run of my entire life. Last night my man and I were out celebrating our birthdays, and our engagement. I was wearing high heels and there was dancing involved. Although, it was a magical night and I wouldn’t change it for anything, I woke up with a limp lower left leg and foot. It’s awkward but I can still lift my foot with my knee and “run”. I have been loving running and this challenge and was not ready to give it up. So I got the bare minimum in with my slow and steady run.

Day 23 - Ran 1.0 miles (1.6 kms)

My man came with me and we got the bare minimum in and called it a day. Ice and heat applied in intervals afterwards. 

Day 24 - Ran 1.1 miles (1.7 kms)

I went on my own but I was definitely contemplating the idea if I should not be doing anything to rest my leg/foot. However, I really want to finish the 30-day streak. My ankle was throbbing today so again I stuck the bare minimum. Ice and heat applied in intervals.

Day 25 - Ran 1.3 miles (2 kms)

Today, I got a little overconfident thinking I was managing my injury well and I tried pushing myself to go faster. I ended up tripping on my own foot because I couldn’t lift it high enough. I fell, remained on the ground and started crying from the pain.

I think the accumulation of everything caught up to me in that moment and I clearly needed a good cry. I think I was especially worried about the function of my foot and if it is going to work properly again. I had to overcome nerve damage in the past after my neck surgeries and it can take months to get nerve function back.

I am more bummed because I actually want to run, but my body is not letting me. Usually it is my mind slowing me down, but my mind is on board while my body is injured.

Here is the thing though; I have run 25 days in a row, which to me already is a great accomplishment. I know that I can easily do this again. I feel like an Enthusiastic Change Maker, in the sense that I trust I have changed my perspective and opinion of running. Like I tell others, it is okay to have setbacks, just remember the feeling you want so you can get back to it. I may have to let my body rest and remember the love I have learned for running so I can get back to it when I am able. 

Day 26 - Ran 1.3 miles (2 kms)

Yesterday I for sure thought I had to give up the 30-day streak. My knee not only hurts, but also it is cut up so when I try to bend it, I feel restricted because it pulls on the scab and I can tell it could easily tear open again. However, if I don’t lift my knee high enough my foot doesn’t come off the ground. It’s a bit of a pickle.

Today I am trying to decide what to do…

Holy smokes I did it! I went outside and said I will do something even if it is just speed walking. However, that felt just as awkward so I thought I would make it a light run. I stayed close to home incase I fell and I just paid extra close attention to my foot lifting off the ground, but holy I did it!! I am so proud of myself right now. Even if it wasn’t the best run in the world, I still managed to overcome my obstacles and get a run in. The positive impact this is having on my mind is intense. It gives me the Enthusiastic Change Maker feeling, if I can overcome this, I can do anything! Bring on life!

Day 27 - Ran 1.3 miles (2 kms)

Ran before heading out for the weekend! I used my man’s phone so I could accurately measure the distance I ran the day before on my new close to home route. Made me even more proud from the day before, realizing I had ran more than 1 mile/1.6 km. It was a lot easier to run today because I stuck to the mission of wanting to know the exact distance of my new route.

Day 28 - Ran 1.3 miles (2 kms)

Hills, hills, hills. I was away for the weekend for my cousin’s bachelorette celebration. There were 9 of us girls staying in a beautiful Airbnb overlooking Lake Okanagan. The thing about a view is you are likely on a hill if you are not directly next to the shoreline. No matter which way I went it was either up first or up on the way back. I couldn’t convince anyone to come with me. If the hills didn’t do it, the rain sure didn’t help either.

Since my fall, I have given myself more patience. The goal is simply, no matter what just complete the run. Before my fall I would try to push myself in different ways. Anyways, I just focused on putting one foot in front of the other and before I knew it I was way up the hill. It was pretty easy to come back down. I felt accomplished!

Day 29 - Ran 1.2 miles (1.8 kms)

I was waiting for later in the day to go for a run because I was so sore from running the hills yesterday. Then we had a family dinner so instead of fitting it in before, I knew I would run at night. With being slightly spooked running at night and feeling all sorts of soreness still, I picked a route to just get it done! It felt good at this point knowing I was definitely going to complete this 30-day running challenge.

Day 30 - Ran 1.3 miles (2 kms)

Happy to be done! I thought I would be ecstatic, but I wasn’t . Don’t get me wrong I am super proud and happy I can say I completed a 30 day streak, but I am pleased to be finished so my body can take a much needed break. Normally, when I need a rest day I would take it, but because of the streak I was left to persevere. The thing is though, I had already reached the magic point before the 30 days was up. What is the magic point you ask? It is the point where I realize I can actually run every day if I choose to. No matter what circumstance I am faced with I most likely can choose to get a run in each day. The other magic point I hit was realizing that I enjoy how I feel when I run. The feeling felt so good and I began to crave it.

When I stopped running for three days after the 30 days (writing this part after) I could feel my body healing, but I could also feel my longing to get back out for a run. At the point of writing this I am back running for two days in a row now and it feels incredible.

So my friends, here is the recap on my 30-day running streak. I believe it is a perfect example to show when you pick small attainable goals and stick to them, you will create the desired change you want in your life. You will experience the turning point of becoming an Enthusiastic Change Maker!

I ran 42.8 miles/ 68.8 kms in 30 days! 


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