Welcome to Aim+Glow

The belief at Aim+Glow is that everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy. We also believe that when you help yourself feel better, you help the whole world feel better. 

The mission at Aim+Glow is to provide tools that guide you to your desired life change so you can be your best self.

Choose your AIM and feel your GLOW.


Founder’s Story

Hi, my name is Amanda Zaal and I started Aim ‘and’ Glow.

Why did I leave my wonderful job as a Nursing Educator to pursue starting up this company? - Simply because I found passion in helping others thrive in life, not merely survive. 

I went into nursing because I always had a love of helping others. I am good at taking care of others, but when my world fell apart from tough personal experiences, I learned I had to get better at taking care of myself. The passion I have for helping others and the knowledge I gained from learning how to take care of myself has coupled into this beautiful journey of Aim+Glow.

At age 24, several medical professionals from all across Canada told me that I was going to die soon. They told me that I had a rare tumour diagnosis that was going to decrease many of my vital nerve functions including my ability to speak, eat, hear, smell, see, and some motor movements. Then these tumours would grow to the point of taking my life. I was told that I was never going to become a nurse, that I wouldn’t be capable of bearing children, and I was probably going to need caretakers soon so I should reconsider being in a relationship.

That was a lot to deal with. I soon became lost and depressed and chose to await my death. However, for unexplainable reasons it hasn’t come yet. After a lengthy process of not knowing how to cope, I eventually had enough, and wanted to feel alive again. Since I didn’t know how anymore, I dove into seeking answers. What I discovered is truly incredible. I actually learned how to be happier and healthier than I was before I found out about my tumours. I felt unstoppable in life. When my loved ones started to see my transformation it only made sense to share my system with them, when I started to see their results too, it only made sense to share it with all of you.

I created Aim+Glow to share with you everything that took me from my darkest days and lead to my brightest days. Now I truly love life, I feel more alive than I ever thought possible.

I set my AIM to feel my GLOW. My hope and passion is that I can help you find your #aimandglow.


 If you want to reach out and share your story, please do so below. 

Love Amanda


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