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Enthusiastic Change Maker Planner

Enthusiastic Change Maker Planner

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Are you tired of setting goals only to find yourself stuck in the same old routine? 

Do you crave real change in your life, but struggle to find an approach that is manageable and easy to commit to long-term? 

The Enthusiastic Change Maker Planner is here to revolutionize your goal-setting journey and help you create true transformation. This one-of-a-kind planner is a gentle guide that actually understands the human approach to change.

It works by focusing on 5 key areas Change-Making, Self-Love, Physical Movement, Food Health, and Creative Space, all which play an important role in supporting change and helping you feel like an unstoppable Enthusiastic Change Maker!

  • 60 weeks undated - over one year and no wasted pages!
  • Weekly Views, Monthly Calendars
  • Weekly Priorities, Monthly Check Ins
  • To-Dos/Notes and Inspirational Quotes
  • Small Successes - Celebrate your wins!
  • Rating System - Easily see what brings on your good days!
  • Directional plan - get clear on what you want! 
  • Author's story and examples given - you won’t be alone!
  • Journal - lined and blank pages to let if flow!
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How you'll feel using the ECM Planner

  • Clear Minded
  • Successful at Life
  • Proud of Yourself
  • Motivated and Inspired
  • Accomplished
  • Unstoppable
  • Happy and Healthy

"I actually learned how to be happier and healthier than I was before I found out about my tumours."

- Amanda

  • Change Making

    What you focus on is what you attract into your life. Examining your mindset and identifying limiting beliefs will help propel your desired changes into reality.

  • Self Love

    Believing in yourself to make change is of vital importance to the success of achieving your desired goals. Practice loving your mind and body!

  • Physical Movement

    Supporting your body through movement will provide overall effectiveness with your desired changes and living an optimal life with both your body and mind.

  • Food Health

    Eating well will help balance your mood, improve your outlook, enhance your ability to focus, and boost your energy, providing crucial support in your endeavours.

  • Creative Space

    Identifying your truest self through the creative process can positively alter what you desire. Escape, de-stress, and feel free and child-like again, boosting ultimate happiness.

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