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Simply choosing happy and healthy.

Set your aim, find your glow.


Introducing the ECM Planner


More than just a planner...

How it works...

the 5 key components


You get what you focus on and your desired change needs to be in focus.                        


If you don't believe in your ability to change then you may already know your outcome.

Physical Movement

Mobility is extremely important for your body and it will help support your mind.           

Food Health

What you eat directly affects your mood and more research is continually proving this. 

Creative Space

You are unique and you deserve creative freedom to explore your truest desires.            


A 7x9 inch matte hardcover with an exclusive hand painted design, complimented by a stunning gold coil, unique full length tabs for easy organization, and lay flat capabilities. 


Minimalistic design, undated for anytime use, motivational quotes throughout, beautiful picture pages with quotes, author's personal examples and story shared.


Weekly layout habit tracker, weekly priorities, success identifiers big and small, additional note spaces, simple rating system, Go-To Goods section for easy planning, monthly and yearly check-ins, a journal with lined and blank pages, clarity for your Desired Story, Current Story, and Directional Plan.


Your story is inspiring and hopeful, and you've drawn on it to create something unique and wonderful. I'm really impressed.

Caroline Kaiser, Freelance Editor

The ECM Planner concept makes so much sense. The balanced approach is brilliant and I love the Go-To Goods for all of my recipes. 

Natalie Callan, Registered Nurse


Successful launch of the ECM planner on Kickstarter getting over funded by 203% 

Go-To Goods

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"Small daily choices lead to big life changes."

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