Choose Your Words, Change Your World

Choose Your Words, Change Your World



The words you choose affect your life. When you speak with positive words, you will get positive result. The same association works for negative words. It gets interesting when we choose words with positive intentions, but our chosen words actually oppose what we want. For example, my intention is positive when I say I am not going to be lazy today. However, my brain more easily focuses on the main word, lazy. To actually get the results I am looking for I would need to say, I am going to be productive today. Here are some other common examples of things we say that don’t get us our expected results.


  • Don’t slam the door please.
  • I don’t want to be sad.
  • I won’t be late tomorrow.

How many times have you said something similar to the examples and still slammed the door, felt sad, and ended up being late anyways? Instead these sentences can be worded differently to get the result you want.

  • Close the door softly please.
  • I choose to be happy.
  • I will be on time tomorrow.

It is such a simple concept, but yet a powerful one. You may think this is too simple and you aren’t someone who needs to do this, but I challenge you to bring your awareness to this concept and try it for a day.

Try and catch all of the words you use that oppose your actual intention. Write them down. Next to them, re-write your sentence to support what you actually want.

The more you can practice this on paper, the easier it will become to your everyday language. Now practice what words you choose and see what changes you get.

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